Our Life

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Already over

Adrianna's last day of school pizza party
It seems like first grade had just begun for Adrianna and now it is already over.  It still amazes me how fast that time goes by.  She is a very talented little girl with many amazing abilities and she surprises me everyday. 

I took her to get her hair cut about a week before school was over and she told the hair stylist that now that she was 7 she was a grown up and kept saying all these random funny things.  She did think that she was all grown up because it was the first time that she actually let them wash her hair before her cut.  It was pretty funny.

Myself I am having a hard time dealing with how much she does not need me anymore for things.  Don't get me wrong, she is only 7 and still needs mommy for a lot of things but her independence has grown.  It makes me sad and happy to see how fast this girl who I still picture as my innocent little 2 year old is now 7 and on her way to amazing things.

This summer Adrianna will be in a class at Anoka-Ramsey Community college to be a mock vet for a week.  She is very excited about this and so am I.  They are going to perform a mock surgery on some animal and learn how to treat all animals well.  I realize everyday how much she is like her mommy.  Then, starting in September she will be in dance until April.  I am really excited for this and she is too.

The summer has just begun but it is going fast.  I better enjoy it because before I know it, it will be over too and she will be starting 2nd Grade.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 is truely a New Year

This year is going to be an exciting year for Adrianna and I. As you all now by now that we have currently been living with my dad or Grandpa Tom as Adrianna says. In May, Adrianna will be finishing her preschool readiness program at Head Start and will be attending Kindergarten this fall. This will be a an new adventure for her that she has been waiting for since she first understood the word "school." For me this means I can finally begin working again since she will be in school most of the time.
We are planning on moving to Annandale in June with my boyfriend Ben and starting our lives. This is a much anticipated thing but I am scared of how little Adrianna will adjust to not having Grandpa Tom around anymore.
I hope this year brings all good luck, good health and much happiness. I will post more updates at a later date.

Friday, December 11, 2009


There are so many things this year that I have been so grateful for and cannot seem to have enough words to thank all the wonderful people that have helped to make these things possible.
#1: My family
Without you I would not be me. You are my backbone and my strength when I am weak and think that I cannot go on anymore. You are my laughter and tears, my sadness and my hope. I could have not gotten where I am today without all of you and I thank you all so much for everything. I love you dearly!
#2: My friends
You are the people who I can let myself go with and I can relax. You always seem to be there for me when I don't think that anyone else is. I love all of you like you are my family and give thanks for having the great few friends that I do.
#3: Everyone else
To whom ever you are, I thank you for your kind words, thoughts, praise, helpfulness and genorosity. With out you the small things would have never mattered.
This year as Christmas nears I am so excited to share this day with my family and friends. We are going through some tough times this year and we will realize what Christmas is really about. Not presents, food or where you are. It is Christ's birthday and we can spend it in rejoyce with our families. I am sad that my out of state family members will no be here this year but I will hold them dear to my heart.
God bless all this holiday season!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crazy Days

Things this summer went by so fast and I am already beginning to miss the lazy summer days just laying around and fishing. Adrianna has grown all to fast this summer and sometimes I want to cry because I miss my baby girl. She is so independent and does almost everything on her own now that I sometimes feel unneeded by her and like she is a little mom her self. She is constantly reminding me to do things and telling me what I should and shouldn't do. She is finally potty trianed and I thank God for that but now I sometimes miss her needing me. I know that this sounds strange but to all of you new mothers out there you will understand where I am coming from soon. They all seem to grow up before your eyes and then in a blink they will be grown ups with their own lives.
Going to St.Cloud Tech for school is very fun. I love all of my new classes and meeting all of the new people. It is strange how different people can look and act but when you get to know them they are more like you than you thought. Some of my classes are already challenging for me but I always have loved a challenge. Rachel Hufnagle is going to school with me too so it is fun to run into her sometimes. I love the school environment.
Adrianna is currently staying at my moms house in South Haven well I am in school and enjoying getting spoiled to death by her Nana, Auntie Tina, and Baba Brian. Soon we will be moving into an apartment in Sauk Rapids right across the bridge from the Tech so I can take a bus there and not have to drive my car around all of the time.
We are excited for the future and we are hoping that everyone else lives are going well. We hope to hear from all soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 years gone in a blink

Adrianna has turned 3 years old on May 16th. We did so many fun things for her. I brought her to Coon Rapids dam, como zoo, Springbrook Nature Center and out to eat many times. My mom and me brought her to the Mall of America and she went to Libby Lu's to get all dressed up like a princess. Then later that night my mom kept her and brought her out to eat and swimming. I hope that she had fun and will somewhat remember this birthday.
I love that my little girl is growing up but at the same time I am wondering where has the time went? It seems like almost yesterday I was pregnant with a baby and just discovering the news or that I just had her and she was this tiny baby that was so sweet. Now she is 3 and definitely her own little person. She makes jokes, laughs at all funny things, has temper tantrums when she isn't getting her way, colors in the lines for the most part, can draw shapes, smiley faces and hand prints. She is so amazing and a wonderful child. She amazes me all the time with how quickly that she can learn things and the things that she understands and says.
All I can tell anyone with babies is cherish the time you have with your little ones because before you know it they are big girls and boys in a blink of an eye.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sweet 16

There are so many things in life that you cannot stop or change and this is one of them. My Aunt Kelly's oldest daughter has finally turned 16 years old as of yesterday. I feel terribly old now. She is also taking her drivers test on Thursday morning. It is a scary idea but yet I know that she is a good driver. I am wishing her the best of luck.
We went over to my Aunt Kelly's as usual on her birthday yesterday and stayed up for the countdown. By the countdown I mean her 10:49p.m. actual birth and sang happy birthday to her. Adrianna and I brought her some flowers and a balloon. I hope that she liked them. They were just some really colorful daisies and carnations. She isn't having her party until February.
It was very fun being there but also sad somewhat. I hate the fact that we just keep growing older every day. I still can't believe that my baby is going to be 3 years old in May. Where has all the time went? I feel like she was born then it jumped ahead until now sometimes. The same thing for my cousin Jackie. I still remember her being 2 and running me over with her barbie power wheels jeep and wanting to paint my toe nails and painting my whole toe. Now she is 16 and going to be driving. Whoa! Life needs to somewhat slow down or maybe it is just me who should.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Family togetherness

There has been so many things that I need to update on. Adrianna and I finally went on our first vacation to California. It was great. I loved the weather and the ocean. It was definitely somewhere I could live myself. I loved being with my Aunt Kristi and Uncle Lance again. I have missed them so much since they have moved. It was also nice to see my Uncle Dave, Aunt Vicki and Alex. I would love to go back so California someday soon again. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving there with wonderful food. We went to Disneyland also. It was interesting there but I would like to go back there again maybe when it isn't so busy and Adrianna gets a little older.
Just recently everyone came to Minnesota for my Uncle Luke's graduation from college. I stayed home with the kids and watched them so we wouldn't have to be chasing them around at the ceremony. I rather enjoyed watching them. They were a lot of fun. Uncle Dave, Aunt Vicki, and Alex stayed with us for a week. It was nice having them here and getting to see Alex so much. It gave Adrianna someone to play with all of the time even though she was often mean to him because she is so use to being the youngest child now. Well there is going to be a wake up call for her when the 2 new babies come this spring. I often sat and talked with Vicki while my Uncle Dave kept an eye on the kids and my dad did his bird watching.
I was sad when they had to go just like I was when we left California. I have this oddness about me now that I always want to still be with family. I miss all of them all of the time and I wish that we could see them more. Maybe it is because I have finally figured out that life is short and you never know what will happen. I hope that we all can get together soon again. I miss them and I am excited to have 2 more new cousins in the family.